Sunday, October 16, 2011

Puppy Class Disasters

I did not attend puppy class this past Thursday.  I got really sick and am just now starting to feel human again but according to RB, it did not go very well.

Something the instructor has been having us do that I was never crazy about is to exchange puppies.  I want to work with my puppy; Bodie is a challenge and I want help with his issues, not those of another puppy.  So during this most recent class, RB handled two other puppies.  One was a tiny Boston Terrier.  She couldn't figure out how to adjust the amount of correction needed in the small amount of time she had the toy dog.  Next, she got the other German Shepherd puppy.  He was pulling hard and was not wearing a training collar!  He ended up injuring RB's back.

Then it was time for the play session.  Recess was a real challenge for the instructor again.  Bodie was rambunctious but did not play too rough.  That was good, however, he managed to embarrass RB by taking a huge dump in the middle of the room during the play session!  While the instructor went to go get the pooper scooper, RB had to guard the pile so the puppies did not step in it and track it all over the training room.

But those two things paled in comparison to the grand finale.  The pitbull had been doing much better doing play sessions but the syllabus said to bring your puppy's favorite toy and that was a real mistake!  The pitbull turned out to be extremely toy aggressive.  The Australian Kelpie was playing with her favorite toy, a duckie, when the pitbull went after it.  The Kelpie completely submitted and gave up the toy but it was not enough for the pitbull.  The instructor had to get control of her and then it took five people to get the Kelpie's toy away from her.  I appreciate that the pitbull owners are trying their best to get their puppy early training and socialization but...

Now, I have attended so many different training classes with all the different dogs I have owned that I have lost count.  But this class has been the least fun out of all of them.  RB doesn't want to take any more obedience classes.  :(

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