Sunday, October 2, 2011

Isn't it Funny

My sweetie has always described herself as a doormat.  She used to worry that when we got a puppy she would be a complete pushover while I would be the tough one.  But surprise, surprise, she is the enforcer while Bodie can walk all over me.  He has gotten better but he still puts his teeth where they don't belong.  And Bodie jumps up a lot - on everything!  Then just this week, he started barking at anything and everything.  RB has decided she needs to strictly enforce the rules - no teeth, no jumping and no unnecessary barking.

Bodie has a stubborn streak.  "No!" does not work.  A spray bottle gets his attention somewhat.  And a pinch collar works for the puppy trainer.
My previous German Shepherd, Willie, was a complete sweetheart; all he wanted to do was please me.  Of course, I thought he was perfect.  When we picked out Bodie, I knew he wouldn't be just like Willie but I did think he would be a calm dog.  We thought that is what we had gotten, but it turned out that Bodie was not feeling well.  Instead of being calm, he was sick.  Now that he is healthy, he is rambunctious!

But don't they say you don't get what you want, you get what you need.  RB cannot be a doormat with Bodie; he needs a firm hand.  She is learning to be assertive.   :)

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