Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lunchtime Notes

I love the way RB writes.  She wrote about Bodie earlier this afternoon, describing him as part perfect gentleman and part rampaging psychopath!  That really made me laugh.  They make a really good pair.  It is wonderful to see how adoringly he gazes at her.  I think Bodie will be very protective.  She brought him along with her when she came to work to have lunch with me.  We were parked at our favorite lunch spot when three women walked by.  Bodie did not like having them so close to the car and sounded so menacing even though he is not even six months old yet.

That reminds me.  We bought Bodie a large crate shortly after bringing him home.  We kept it in the car so he would be restrained whenever we took him with us.  It seemed huge back then!  Now, he can barely fit in it.  Yesterday, RB installed a pet barrier so he can be in the back and not crated at all.  It is working out really well.

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