Monday, January 27, 2014


Bodie is really, really good at destroying toys.  Many toys don't last very long at all.  In just minutes, Bodie can rip a toy apart.  We got him a new toy just last week, the KONG Scrunch Knot Squirrel.  The squirrel has no stuffing; instead, it has a knotted rope toy inside and a squeaker in the head.
This is how it looked like when it came home.
Bodie loved it!  In a couple of minutes, he had removed the ears.
You can't tell, but both ears are gone.
About five minutes later, Bodie had removed the squeaker.
The squeaker is in a bag.
  Then he proceeded to remove the rope toy.
Bodie discovered the rope toy.
 Now, he has two toys - a road kill squirrel and a rope toy!  He is a happy boy.

Doesn't he look pleased with himself?
 But there is one toy that has been indestructible - his Jolly Balls.  This is his indoor ball, the Bounce-N-Play.

This is what the Bounce-N-Play looked like new.

This is what it looks like after two years of hard play.  Indestructible!