Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crate Dilemna

When we first brought Bodie home, he was only eight weeks old and his crate was one of the cat crates I had.  After a few weeks, we moved him up to a Sheltie crate.  At first, it was huge but lately he hasn't been able to turn around in it easily.  So just recently we moved him up to the big boy crate.  It should definitely work even if he gets up to around 90lbs (as predicted).  We left the Sheltie crate in the living room, awaiting storage in the shed.  But we might wait awhile - Bodie loves that crate!  He goes into it several times a day, and when it is time to go to bed he goes into it first before going into the new one in the bedroom.  I don't think this will last for long as he will no longer be able to fit in it at all!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lunchtime Notes

I love the way RB writes.  She wrote about Bodie earlier this afternoon, describing him as part perfect gentleman and part rampaging psychopath!  That really made me laugh.  They make a really good pair.  It is wonderful to see how adoringly he gazes at her.  I think Bodie will be very protective.  She brought him along with her when she came to work to have lunch with me.  We were parked at our favorite lunch spot when three women walked by.  Bodie did not like having them so close to the car and sounded so menacing even though he is not even six months old yet.

That reminds me.  We bought Bodie a large crate shortly after bringing him home.  We kept it in the car so he would be restrained whenever we took him with us.  It seemed huge back then!  Now, he can barely fit in it.  Yesterday, RB installed a pet barrier so he can be in the back and not crated at all.  It is working out really well.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sleepy Head

Bodie is different from any other puppy I have ever had.  Ever since we brought him home, he doesn't want to get up in the morning!  He likes to sleep in.  On weekdays, when the alarm goes off, Bodie doesn't want to get out of his crate.  On weekends, he will let us sleep in until at least 9:00am!  Sometimes, he will stay in his crate until 10:00-10:30.  I guess it is a good thing that I am not a morning person.  :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

tough day

It is so difficult because Bodie is not Willie.  Willie was the best GSD ever.  He was sweet and gentle and protective and great at obedience.

It started from the moment I brought him home.  Willie peed in the house when I first brought him home as a puppy and never had another accident.  I was so lucky when I took puppy obedience class because it was so easy!  I showed him to sit once and I never had to work that command again.  The same thing happened with down, stay, and heel.

Bodie is not Willie.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Puppy Class Disasters

I did not attend puppy class this past Thursday.  I got really sick and am just now starting to feel human again but according to RB, it did not go very well.

Something the instructor has been having us do that I was never crazy about is to exchange puppies.  I want to work with my puppy; Bodie is a challenge and I want help with his issues, not those of another puppy.  So during this most recent class, RB handled two other puppies.  One was a tiny Boston Terrier.  She couldn't figure out how to adjust the amount of correction needed in the small amount of time she had the toy dog.  Next, she got the other German Shepherd puppy.  He was pulling hard and was not wearing a training collar!  He ended up injuring RB's back.

Then it was time for the play session.  Recess was a real challenge for the instructor again.  Bodie was rambunctious but did not play too rough.  That was good, however, he managed to embarrass RB by taking a huge dump in the middle of the room during the play session!  While the instructor went to go get the pooper scooper, RB had to guard the pile so the puppies did not step in it and track it all over the training room.

But those two things paled in comparison to the grand finale.  The pitbull had been doing much better doing play sessions but the syllabus said to bring your puppy's favorite toy and that was a real mistake!  The pitbull turned out to be extremely toy aggressive.  The Australian Kelpie was playing with her favorite toy, a duckie, when the pitbull went after it.  The Kelpie completely submitted and gave up the toy but it was not enough for the pitbull.  The instructor had to get control of her and then it took five people to get the Kelpie's toy away from her.  I appreciate that the pitbull owners are trying their best to get their puppy early training and socialization but...

Now, I have attended so many different training classes with all the different dogs I have owned that I have lost count.  But this class has been the least fun out of all of them.  RB doesn't want to take any more obedience classes.  :(

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bodie is Stumped!

Bodie looooves his stump!   :D

We bought this toy for Bodie when he was little.  It is a stump that comes with three squeakie squirrels.  He definitely likes the stump better than the squirrels!  He will bite it in such a way that he can't see around it so when he carries it around, he bumps into things.  There are times we fill the stump with as many toys as we can stuff into it and Bodie empties as quickly as he can.  I am actually surprised that he hasn't torn the stump apart.  It is pretty sturdy, but he has broken the squeakers in the three squirrels.  

Bodie keeps us laughing!

Friday, October 7, 2011

First Week of October

Just under 5 months old
Bodie has been really good this past week.  He has really improved, not only in his obedience but with things like nipping and jumping.  The training collar and spray bottle have been getting his attention.

After last week's puppy class disaster, we decided to do Bodie's obedience training in public places (in front of the house, at a park, along a bike trail) in order for him to get used to distractions.  It worked!  I wasn't in class because I wasn't feeling well but this week's puppy class went great!  He was the best in class with "Stay".  Even puppy play time was good!

Oh, I forgot to mention something last week.  The pitbull puppy that wasn't supposed to be back in puppy class was there.  We were confused but figured that she also did detention and was allowed back in.  Then at the end of class, the trainer had us exit the room one puppy at a time.  The pitbull puppy went first, then Bodie, and then the other German Shepherd puppy.  No one else.  I was a bit suspicious that something was going on but I was more concerned about Bodie.

Last night after class, the trainer started the same thing.  The pitbull puppy left then as RB was getting Bodie to ready to leave, the trainer stopped her and invited both German Shepherd puppies to join the rest of the class in an additional play period.  Hurray!  It felt like a graduation of sorts.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Isn't it Funny

My sweetie has always described herself as a doormat.  She used to worry that when we got a puppy she would be a complete pushover while I would be the tough one.  But surprise, surprise, she is the enforcer while Bodie can walk all over me.  He has gotten better but he still puts his teeth where they don't belong.  And Bodie jumps up a lot - on everything!  Then just this week, he started barking at anything and everything.  RB has decided she needs to strictly enforce the rules - no teeth, no jumping and no unnecessary barking.

Bodie has a stubborn streak.  "No!" does not work.  A spray bottle gets his attention somewhat.  And a pinch collar works for the puppy trainer.
My previous German Shepherd, Willie, was a complete sweetheart; all he wanted to do was please me.  Of course, I thought he was perfect.  When we picked out Bodie, I knew he wouldn't be just like Willie but I did think he would be a calm dog.  We thought that is what we had gotten, but it turned out that Bodie was not feeling well.  Instead of being calm, he was sick.  Now that he is healthy, he is rambunctious!

But don't they say you don't get what you want, you get what you need.  RB cannot be a doormat with Bodie; he needs a firm hand.  She is learning to be assertive.   :)