Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bodie and The Thunderstorm

Or should I say thundershower?  Here in the Pacific Northwest, we don't get the kind of thunderstorms others get.  Ours are short, mild and very infrequent - thundershowers instead of thunderstorms.  So, even though Bodie just turned one year old, he had never experienced one before yesterday afternoon.  He was in the backyard when the wind picked up.  The trees were whipped around, rain started to pelt down, and there was one clap thunder and then a second.  We went to the backdoor to bring him in but he was running and jumping and pouncing and biting at the air; there is no better way to describe it other than frolicking! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Jolly Balls for the German Shepherd!

The Jolly Ball was so successful that we decided to try a few more Jolly Pet products! 

First, we got a Jolly Egg.  It is made of tough plastic and its oval shape makes it nearly impossible for the dog to get a grip on. It is designed to slip when dogs bite down, popping out in unpredictable directions for endless fun.  Well, that is what it is supposed to be... Not so successful.  Bodie got bored as soon as he figured out that he couldn't bite down on it no matter how hard he tried.  Maybe if we had purchased the medium size as opposed to the large, Bodie would have been more interested in it.  Or if it was of soft plastic.  He doesn't seem to like anything he can't get a good chew on.

Next we got the Jolly Romp-n-Roll.  Bodie loves it!  Just like the Jolly Ball, it can be bit without being punctured!  Which is great because the puppy insists on biting the ball (just like he bites the Jolly Ball).  But he will also grab this one by the rope.  The he shakes it like crazy, hitting anything in his vicinity.  I actually think he likes this one better than the Jolly Ball!

And finally, we got the Jolly Teaser Ball.  The outside ball is made of hard plastic while inside is a smaller, soft plastic ball.  After we throw it or kick it and the smaller, inside ball will keep moving.  It definitely keeps Bodie's attention.  He keeps trying to get ahold of the small ball inside.  Then he will pick up the big ball by one of the holes and he prances around so proud of himself!

So, three out of four successes for Jolly Pets!  Not bad.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jolly Ball and the German Shepherd!

It has been difficult finding good toys for our German Shepherd puppy.  Bodie is really rough on his toys.  He is a master chewer!  Any label is like a neon sign saying "Start Here!"  He definitely can't have any soft or plush toys.  He tears them apart too easily. We get him chew things like antlers and cow bones and knuckles, but we also want toys he can play with.  Being just a puppy, Bodie also has a short attention span.  Some toys capture his interest for a short period and that is it.

We found a new toy that meets all these criteria - the Jolly Ball!  We got the ten inch ball and I am amazed that he managed to bite the ball.  Thank goodness Jolly Balls are puncture resistant.  The handle makes it easy for us to throw for him.  It makes a good ball to play fetch with because Bodie can't keep an easy hold on it.