Thursday, February 21, 2013


Bodie’s second birthday is coming up in a few months.  He won't be a puppy for much longer!  It occurred to me yesterday how much Bodie has matured in the past few months.
I’ve mentioned before how it has been difficult to get the puppy to eat his dinner.  We tried everything we could think of to get him to eat.  We changed his dog food, played with toppings, and tried canned food.  In addition, we changed the size and number of his meals, the time he was fed as well as the location of where he ate.
We finally figured out what works for him: one meal in the evenings of a good quality dry dog food with a supplement for itchy skin served in his puppy pen.  Now, at dinnertime we ask Bodie if he wants his dinner and he starts to drool, then he runs back and forth between the kitchen and his pen, and, best of all, he finishes his entire meal!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Toy Redo - Kong Wobbler

As Bodie is getting older he is becoming more food motivated.  So we thought we would pull out his old toy/treat dispenser.  We had purchased a Kong Wobbler when Bodie was a young puppy.  But it didn't keep his attention for long - he just wasn't interested in dog treats.  So we put the Wobbler away in his old puppy crate (which we use it as his toy box).  He has quite a few toys but only a couple are out at a time.  We pulled out the Wobbler a week ago and put some training treats in it.  He will play with it for a loooong time - knocking it, pawing at it, biting it.  It is funny to watch, especially when he tries to bite it - it is big!  I am glad we just put it away and didn't get rid of it.