Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bodie Plays Ball

We replace Bodie's toys on a regular basis.  He usually destroys them rather quickly, even the "indestructible" ones.  Bodie hates labels and tags, so toys with a label get special attention.  Many squeakers don't last longer than the first ten minutes.  So, earlier this week we were playing with Bodie's Jolly Bounce-N-Play ball and I realized that he has had this toy for a looong time.  I had to check some of my older blogs and I verified that it has lasted at least two and a half years!  I was shocked!  I think it is his oldest toy.

Bodie's favorite game is tug-of-war.  It doesn't matter what toy it is he always plays tug-of-war, even with a ball.  He will play fetch for about ten seconds and then he turns it into tug-of-war.  If you try and throw it again, he looks at his toy then turns back to you with a look of disgust, and he will refuse to play with that toy again (at least until the next play session).  He finds another toy and keeps shoving it at you to try and get you to play.