Friday, July 5, 2013

German Shepherd and Fireworks II

Well, this is Bodie's second 4th of July and it was not nearly as successful as last year.  This evening, Bodie freaked out at the really loud, booming fireworks.  I was surprised because he was so good last year.  I tried to associate fireworks with positive things by using treats.
I took his favorite treat, Beggin' Strips, and broke one into 10-20 little pieces.  Then each time there was the sound of a firecracker he got one.  It worked to a certain extent.  Bodie quit freaking out, and with each firework he looked to see if he would get a piece of Beggin' Strip.  After a while, he only got a piece with the really loud ones.  But he did not go potty before putting him to bed. 
I thought I would stay up late and try to take him out after it quieted down.  When I hadn't heard any fireworks for about 20 minutes, I tried to take him outside but a really loud firecracker went off right then and I couldn't get him to even take one step out back.  Oh, well...  I will try again after midnight.