Friday, October 7, 2011

First Week of October

Just under 5 months old
Bodie has been really good this past week.  He has really improved, not only in his obedience but with things like nipping and jumping.  The training collar and spray bottle have been getting his attention.

After last week's puppy class disaster, we decided to do Bodie's obedience training in public places (in front of the house, at a park, along a bike trail) in order for him to get used to distractions.  It worked!  I wasn't in class because I wasn't feeling well but this week's puppy class went great!  He was the best in class with "Stay".  Even puppy play time was good!

Oh, I forgot to mention something last week.  The pitbull puppy that wasn't supposed to be back in puppy class was there.  We were confused but figured that she also did detention and was allowed back in.  Then at the end of class, the trainer had us exit the room one puppy at a time.  The pitbull puppy went first, then Bodie, and then the other German Shepherd puppy.  No one else.  I was a bit suspicious that something was going on but I was more concerned about Bodie.

Last night after class, the trainer started the same thing.  The pitbull puppy left then as RB was getting Bodie to ready to leave, the trainer stopped her and invited both German Shepherd puppies to join the rest of the class in an additional play period.  Hurray!  It felt like a graduation of sorts.

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