Friday, August 17, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

Bodie is an energetic, lively dog.  The way he runs around backyard is a sight to behold.  If he is barking at someone out front and he hears activity on the trails, he can run faster than any previous dog I have owned!  He has worn a racetrack around the backyard.  When Bodie is having fun, it can almost be impossible to bring him into the house.  But it has been really hot here in the Pacific Northwest lately, and it is much easier to bring to get his attention.  Just ask if he wants fresh water and he runs for the back door!

Friday, August 10, 2012

German Shepherd Sharing a Jolly Ball?

Bodie has a friend in the neighborhood who lives just a couple of doors down.  Jack is  another big dog that is misunderstood by most people. He is a mixed breed with a lot of Rottweiler.  A noisy and rambunctious puppy that people tend to assume is aggressive, but he is a very sweet boy.  Recently, Jack had to go to the vet for some emergency surgery.  Poor puppy!  He had to have some rocks removed from his digestive system.  Oh, the things dogs decide to eat!  So, Bodie decided to share his favorite toy, his Jolly Ball Romp-n-Roll.  Except Bodie cannot quite let go so Jack is getting his very own! :D

Mine, mine mine!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beautiful Bodie Showing off his Jolly Ball Collection

I have been on the fringes of the dog show world enough to know that I am not suited for it!  I appreciate  a well-bred dog, but I get highly offended if anyone criticizes my baby.  But here is Bodie pretending to be a show dog, stacking naturally. :)  With some of his Jolly Balls!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Nurse Bodie

You know how you can start to recognize different kinds of barks?  Well, Bodie has a play bark, an alert bark, and an everyone better know that I am guarding the neighborhood bark.  Today I heard a brand new bark.  My sweetie was in the bathroom and Bodie started a barking I have never heard before.  I rushed over and she was being sick.  Bodie did not like that she was feeling unwell and wanted to make sure that I knew he was worried about her!  I liked that he was so worried about her.