Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Worrywart

That's me - the worrywart.  I can worry easily about anything but especially about pets.  They can't tell you when they don't feel well or are hurt.

Bodie was in the backyard this morning when he started yelping.  It was pitiful and loud!  I rushed outside and he was sitting there holding his paw up.  He didn't come to me so I went to get him and carried him into the house.  We checked him out but could not determine what was wrong.  He was limping just a bit and it wasn't obvious what might be injured.  I called the vet's office immediately and made an appointment.  It was just a little after 9:00am and an appointment slot wasn't available until 2:00pm.  Of course I took it, and they said they would call if an opening came up.  We kept him quiet and RB checked him out again after about an hour.  Bodie seemed fine.  She even took him for a walk, so we canceled the appointment.

And he is feeling as rambunctious as ever!  Right now Bodie is again in the backyard, standing on the deck and barking his head off (he already has his big boy bark - doesn't sound like a 4 month old puppy).  We are hoping he will burn off a little energy before our second puppy class this evening.

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