Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No More Detention!

Remedial recess went well yesterday.  The trainer had several dogs to test/train Bodie - a fully grown German Shepherd Dog, a fully grown Belgian Malinois, a young Malinois and a puppy Poodle mix (who is the class bully in his puppy class).  And Bodie was a good boy!  He played really nicely.  The two trainers there said that Bodie showed no signs of dog aggression - he is just too rambunctious.  We will just need to shadow him during play session.  But the other puppy in class who was acting up last week will not be returning.  :(  She was already in private training for being too aggressive and should not have been in the puppy class.


  1. I do wonder why dog-agressive dogs always seem to have those obnoxious owners who think their dog can't do anything wrong...

  2. I am afraid that the other puppy owners in puppy class will think that of me!!! That is why I want Bodie to be well-socialized.