Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why this German Shepherd Blog

As I mentioned yesterday, I miss Willie greatly. As Bodie grows up, I regret that I don't have a chronicle of Willie's puppy days and only have a couple of pictures.  So I decided that I would do it differently this time.   I want to keep journal about Bodie and try and get a picture throughout all the stages of his life.

Also, I love German Shepherd Dogs.  I have always loved German Shepherd Dogs. I have always wanted a German Shepherd Dog but growing up, my family never had one.  The closest we ever got was a Belgian Sheepdog.  He was a really good dog but I couldn't help but think "close but... ".  I entered the military after high school and being gone so much, it wasn't right to have a dog.  When I got out of the military, one of the first things I did was get a pet.  However, the job I had required extremely long hours and once again I passed on having a dog.  I got a cat instead.  Not quite the same but she was pretty amazing.  One of these days I will tell the story of my attack cat.  :D

Heather, Kaki, Kumu, Willie and Georgie
I got sick and tired of a job that required so many hours (no weekends and only three Sundays off in eleven months) with no real reward so I quit that job and moved back to the Pacific Northwest.  It was finally time to get a dog!  I looked around at local breeders for a German Shepherd but I ended up rescuing a Shetland Sheepdog.  She was a very timid Sheltie.  Well, actually she was extremely timid and submissive, and had a huge problem with submissive peeing.  I couldn't call her name or even look at her without her peeing all over.  I worked really hard with her, building her confidence and she ended up being a very good dog.

But because of her, I ended up being involved with Shelties for quite a while.  The most I ever had at one time was seven Shelties and two cats.  I did mainly obedience and a little agility. But I always felt that something wasn't right. The turning point for me was when I was out walking the trails with my dogs when I was accosted by some homeless guy.  What did my Shelties do?  Bark, like they did at everything?  No - they turned tail and ran away!  I took care of the situation by grabbing a branch and brandishing it around.  The Shelties ended up running all the way back home!  It was time to get a German Shepherd.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I loved my Shelties and I still think Shelties are wonderful dogs but there was something missing.  I wanted a German Shepherd Dog!  And I finally got one: Willie.  I thought he was perfect!!!  He was a great obedience dog, he was good at tracking, and we even did agility.  We tried schutzhund but he didn’t have the right personality for that.

Willie and Georgie
A few years after getting Willie, a got a Pembroke Corgi, Georgie.  He and Willie were great buddies.  They did everything together.  Unfortunately, Georgie had cancer and did not even make it to his second birthday.

As time passed, I had to put down my pets one at a time.  My last cat made it until she was 17 years old.  Willie made it to almost 16 years.  I was without a pet until Bodie.  I am amazed how right it feels to have a dog in the family again.

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