Sunday, September 25, 2011

Growing Up

Two months old
I can't believe that we have had Bodie for a little more than two months now!  He has certainly become part of the family - I can't imagine life without him.  I think my sweetie is surprised at how much Bodie has ingrained himself into her affections.  She is becoming a real dog person.

The puppy is growing up so quickly!  All puppies, especially young puppies, look rather similar.  It is only as they get a bit older that you can tell what breed they are.  Bodie is around four months old and he is definitely looking like a German Shepherd Dog now.

Bodie's daddy weighs around 95 pounds but his mommy weighs only around 75 pounds.  I think Bodie will be somewhere is the middle.  He is rather stocky but he is not a real big eater.  He usually only finishes his food if RB hand feeds him.

Four months old
Bodie might not be much of an eater but he is certainly fixated on his toys.  Especially the ones that he can play tug of war with - he hangs on for dear life!  Daddy is SchH 3, mommy is SchH 1, and I think Bodie might be good for Schutzhund too.  We really need to get him evaluated for that.

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