Thursday, November 10, 2011


Sometimes I wonder if Bodie's taste buds are off.  He chews a lot so we have tried Bitter Apple to deter him.  But it failed - he liked it!  Anything we sprayed with the Bitter Apple, he paid more attention to and chewed a lot more.  ::shakes head::  We read on some training blog about trying Tabasco Sauce.  We discusssed it and RB decided to try it on one item - a box of records that Bodie keeps trying to chew his way into.  I continued to research the topic and was just reading this one article about how cruel it was when RB said that Bodie was licking the box.  I looked over at him and he was licking his lips as if there was peanut butter on them.  My heart sank as I wondered if we had done the wrong thing.  And what does Bodie do next?  He goes back to the box and licks at the same area again!  It turns out that Bodie loves Tabasco Sauce!  He kept licking that box until all the Tabasco was gone.  Oh, what a puppy!

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