Friday, October 19, 2012

Another Toy Failure

Well, it was time to replenish Bodie's toy box so with great trepidation, we went to PetSmart to try and get a new toy.  The puppy has been fascinated with the recycle bin lately so RB had the great idea of getting one of those stuffed animals with a plastic bottle inside the body that you can refill as it gets too crushed up.  The Martha Stewart toys were on sale so we got Bodie a beaver.
We took the toy out of the shopping bag and while trying to cut off the price tag, the bottle inside made the appropriate crunching noise and Bodie came running.  He was so excited that he could barely contain himself.  After we finally managed to cut off that annoying plastic string/tag (what are those things called with the little T's at both ends?) we gave it to him.  Expecting to hear a whole bunch of crunched plastic bottle sounds, were we surprised!  Bodie was chewing on it, but not in the way we expected.  He was intent on amputating a leg!  He had one of the back legs off in just a couple of minutes.  We tossed that away and gave him the toy again.  This time the puppy started work on the velcro closing at the bottom.  We had to take the toy away.
Only five minutes!  That was it!  Five minutes with the toy and Bodie had chewed off one leg and was ripping the bottom apart.  It is a great idea for a dog toy.  Bodie loves the noise of the plastic bottle getting crunched and will coming running when he hears it.  But this particular toy could not withstand a determined German Shepherd.  May be if we could find one without legs, and made of a tougher material....

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