Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crazy Puppy! The Busy Bone Debacle

I try not to compare Bodie to my sweet Willie but sometimes it is really very difficult.  I could buy Willie a Busy Bone and he would be happily occupied for about an hour just chewing away.  It left a bit of a mess on the carpet, but that could be easily cleaned up.  So, I thought that a Busy Bone would be a great thing for Bodie also. 
We gave Bodie one this weekend.  The puppy has been occupied, but he is not happy.  He spends hours looking for some place to hide the Busy Bone, then he will leave it alone for a little while, then he grabs the chewie again and try to find another place to stash it.  He only relaxed after we finally let him take it outside. Bodie hid the Busy Bone somewhere in our large backyard.  I never thought that buying the dog a chewie would be so cruel!!!


  1. I had never seen him like that before. It was like we put him in charge of guarding the Hope Diamond or something!

    "OMG, I have to protect this with my life! Hmm, can I put it over here?"
    "No, that's not safe enough! I'll carry it around with me. Maybe I can put it over here..."
    "No, that'll never do! I'll just carry it around with me."
    "Argh, this is too much pressure! I'll hide it under here."
    "AAAHH! I can still see it! It's not hidden well enough! Maybe I can hide it over here....."

  2. Latest News: We have another Busy Bone sighting today--just a few minutes ago, Bodie was observed carrying it across the yard. It still appears to be un-chewed. More news as it develops.