Friday, July 31, 2015

New Toys!

As I have mentioned before, Bodie is really tough on his toys.  He loves fleece toys but they usually don't last very long.  One of his favorites is the Kong Snugga Wubba, and it has lasted a bit longer than other brands.  He got a pink one about a year ago.  Well, Bodie has been dismembering it over time.  When it got down to its last tentacle (?), we ordered a replacement.  It arrived yesterday.  I thought I would take a picture of them side by side.  I wonder how long the blue one will last.

We also bought a new brand we have never tried before, goDog.  We chose the goDog Puppy Tough Ball Cow.  With "Chew Guard"!  I am really interested in how long this one lasts.


  1. I doubt it has as much "Chew Guard" as a seat belt does, and those were no match for him, but we shall see. :P

  2. Well, thinking he has had it for about 15 minutes and it is already missing its tail, one ear, one horn, and part of a foot, I don't think Cow will last the weekend! :)