Sunday, March 16, 2014

German Shepherds are Smart!

New Command
I am constantly amazed at how smart German Shepherds are!  Bodie is learning a new command, one I made up myself: “Come Help Me”.

Let me explain.  Part One: I have a physical condition that is constantly getting worse and it makes walking painful.  Occasionally, my knee completely gives way and I almost fall.  Part Two: we recently started using a harness on Bodie, a Kong harness with a handle.
I noticed that when I took Bodie outside, holding onto his harness really helped me going up and down the steps to the backyard.  I started saying “Help Me” as I went up and down the steps.  Pretty soon, all I had to do was say “Bodie, come help me” and he will come up to my left side so I can hold onto his harness as I walk.  Smart Boy!

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