Sunday, May 26, 2013

How Much Energy Does a German Shepherd Has?

A lot!!  Bodie has so much energy that he could power up a small town!  The trails behind the house keep him energized.  The puppy has made a real race track in the backyard from the middle of the yard around to the back fence, and he runs it all day long.  He goes out in the morning and chases birds and squirrels.  As the trails get busy, Bodie takes to the racetrack.  We bring the puppy in for lunch and keep him in the house for a couple of hours.  Then he goes back outside and runs until dinner time.  Sometimes, we can get his attention for a little time with one of his Jolly Balls, but he takes off as soon as he hears a bike or a horse.  Dinner is around 7 to 8 o'clock, and finally, Bodie crashes for the night.  Of course with it being Memorial Day weekend, the trails are getting a lot of use despite the rain so he has been especially active.  It can be difficult to get a picture of the puppy, so this is the best we could get...
Action Shot!

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