Friday, April 5, 2013

Terror of the Trails

The terror of the trails is at it again!  Now that our spring weather has finally arrived, the activity on the trails behind our house is picking up.  Which means that Bodie’s backyard patrols are going into full gear.  I don’t know what it is but certain people get him all riled up!  Usually, he is content running his racetrack around the back third of the property with just an occasional bark or two but then something winds him up and he barks furiously at the fence.  I haven't figured out what gets it started, if it is the sound of a person's voice or the kind of bicycle the person is riding, but the puppy needs to make his presence known.  He would take a wide loop around the yard, get a running start, and uses a berm about five feet from the fence as a launching pad.  I was shocked at how high he was getting!   He was managing to get where he could plant his front paws on the upper cross support of a six foot fence.  Bodie could easily have managed to go completely over if he wanted to but he was content to hang there and bark at the offending parties.  Of course, I couldn't have that so we had to block off that part of the yard.

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