Saturday, February 2, 2013

Toy Redo - Kong Wobbler

As Bodie is getting older he is becoming more food motivated.  So we thought we would pull out his old toy/treat dispenser.  We had purchased a Kong Wobbler when Bodie was a young puppy.  But it didn't keep his attention for long - he just wasn't interested in dog treats.  So we put the Wobbler away in his old puppy crate (which we use it as his toy box).  He has quite a few toys but only a couple are out at a time.  We pulled out the Wobbler a week ago and put some training treats in it.  He will play with it for a loooong time - knocking it, pawing at it, biting it.  It is funny to watch, especially when he tries to bite it - it is big!  I am glad we just put it away and didn't get rid of it.

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