Monday, June 4, 2012

Another Jolly Ball Success for our German Shepherd!

Have I mentioned how quickly Bodie can destroy things?  For most toys, we have to closely supervise him.  As soon as he gets too interested, we have learned that we need to lock the toy up unless we want pieces.  Not only is that expensive, but I worry about the puppy eating something he shouldn't.  So, I was so happy to discover Jolly balls!  They are extremely puncture resistant and he hasn't destroyed any yet. 

There has only been one problem - they are large toys; much more suited for outdoor play.  We have needed a toy Bodie can play with inside.  So we tried the Jolly Pets Bounce-n-Play!  Bodie was sooo excited, even before we got it out of the package and he could hardly wait until we threw it.  I was unsure of the 6 inch size but it is working out great!  Another success!

1 comment:

  1. We definitely aren't going to be able to hide it from him, though... his nose will find that blueberry scent from 100 yards away. :P